NOTICES 16/06/2022

For our FINAL rehearsal of the term, Thursday 14th July, we are bringing back “NEVILLE’S NIGHT”

This will be a relaxed request night for choir, partners and friends with colourful summer shirts!

For those who haven’t experienced Neville’s Night before, we all wear the most outrageous summer shirt in our wardrobe. They are judged by the eagle eye of Jenny Rogers and others.  (Do visit a charity shop if you need inspiration!)

A winner is declared for each Voice Section and then an overall winner is chosen.

There may be prizes!

Bring your partner/friend or maybe someone who might join the choir to enjoy this relaxed evening.

Interval drinks, cakes or maybe just tea/coffee. Bring your own please.

Let’s celebrate the end of a very difficult year by signing off at All Saints in style and look forward to returning to Howard School on Thursday 1st September.


  1. The Elmswell Concert raised £3,460.80 for Blood Cancer UK, Sylvia Wilson’s nominated charity. A great evening, well done all.




At the committee meeting earlier this week, all aspects of the proposed event and the feedback from choir members were considered.


The committee decided to cancel the event and instead give a six month subscription holiday to all members who were paying a choir subscription in March 2021.


To take up your subscription holiday:


  1. Monthly standing order payers – please suspend/cancel you next 6 months £10 subscription.
  2. All other annual or quarterly payers – your renewal date will be put back 6 months, if required Andrew Conquest will confirm arrangements directly with you.


Please note there will be no cash refunds.


No costs were incurred in planning or cancelling the dinner.


Thanks to Andrew Conquest for his work in planning the event.




A dinner will be organised later in the year for subscribing choir members and their partners plus Friends of the Choir.


This will be a straightforward evening event like dinners we have had in previous years, at a local venue with the same ticket price for everyone. This will not be a subsidised event. Details to follow.




We are forming a small working group to develop a recruitment plan to be implemented from September.

The group includes Ian Cooper, Glenn Warriner, Mark Jefferson, Graham Poole and Paget Fulcher

If you have a recruitment suggestion that has been successful with other choirs, please send it to Ian Cooper