Having missed several rehearsals due to holidays, it was delightful to have a good reason to relax as part of the audience at our joint concert with the Suffolk Constabulary MVC at St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury.
Knowing our repertoire very well, I had expected to find listening to these sections of the programme rather frustrating due to not being part of the action. How wrong I was. Being able to hear all parts equally in the lovely acoustic of the Church was a wonderful experience and gave me a much better understanding of the music we perform. Even items that I have previously found ‘less inspiring’ to rehearse and perform suddenly sprang to life. Fully appreciating the voices alongside ‘Uncle’ John’s beautiful sensitive playing were a real treat.
Noting from the programme that the Suffolk Constabulary were performing some numbers that we include in our own concerts, once again it was great to hear how their voices blended so well despite the small number. The arrangement of Nothing Like a Dame differed from ours, both in lyrics and musical arrangement, added additional enjoyment.
Given that the concert marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, ending with communal singing of a medley of wartime songs formed an ideal conclusion to the evening – although I was slightly distracted by the amazing accompaniments improvised by Calvin.
Paul Davis (Bass)

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