Thank you so much SEMVC for a wonderful evening concert at Barton Mills Church. We were clearly all there to support the appeal for pancreatic cancer, and were united in our fondness for Shirley and Jim Beardsmore. Shirley had picked a cracking number of pieces for the programme and each one was a delight.


There were such a lot of favourites amongst these gems, but worthy of a special mention has to be Seal Lullaby which was hauntingly beautiful. The Choir and accompanying musicians provided a stunning version of this piece, which I had never heard before. The humming, phrasing and dynamics were superb. I have played this piece every day since! Bridge Over Troubled Water was very emotional after a very touching introduction, and Aberystwyth was fantastic with the addition of the organ, and was a very moving rendition also.


The Choir remain constantly focussed. The words were clearly executed and the dynamics were sublime. In my opinion the way the Choir ended all their pieces with extended final notes and very varying dynamics, put them apart from many other choirs. It is clear that this Choir is very disciplined, but there is such a love and passion throughout the pieces, that the audience is taken along with the Choir’s songs and the fluidity of the conducting. It was very refreshing to see the conducting being shared, and people moving round to play different instruments, which continued to show the Choir’s versatility.


The soloist David was brilliant, his voice was so clear and powerful and very well balanced with the rest of the Choir. A special mention of the accompanists must also be made… they were absolutely superb. The piano, guitar and organ were faultless, and added so much to the richness of the Choir’s interpretation of their pieces. Mark’s relaxed style of interjecting between pieces was both humorous and heartfelt, and made the audience look forward to each piece too.


Many many congratulations SEMVC you did yourselves proud, and Shirley would have been delighted with the whole evening.


Best wishes

Wendy Fincham

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