We are required to bring all relevant music to rehearsals. Please find the 2019 updated pdfs for the full alphabetical and numerical repertoire on the Information page.


Please remove all the printed music to be archived from your folders (40 songs: RepertoireRemovedMusic_July17):

  1. Put them into a large envelope (it doesn’t need to be a new one)
  2. Write your name and music folder number on it
  3. Please hand it to Glenn Warriner
  • Do ensure you retain all the pieces on the repertoire list. If any printed music is missing, please contact a committee member
  • If you have photocopies of phonetic pronunciation, file them with the piece they relate to. Any other photocopies please put them in the envelope and give to a committee member
  • iPad users – please remove digital music from your iPad as above, and check that you have the printed copies for all the remaining music on your iPad. This is a copyright requirement
  • Finally, the forthcoming concert programmes are published here in the members area of the website as soon as they are known. The practice of making up a folder of just those items could save your arms a little


Black folders, designed specifically to hold music sheets are available. We use them occasionally at concerts, £7.99 each.